Ausgewählte Publikationen (siehe CV für eine vollständige Liste):

  • Kai Carstensen and Leo Salzmann (2017) The G7 Business Cycle in a Globalized World, Journal of International Money and Finance 73A, 134-161. Working paper version.
  • Kai Carstensen, Steffen Elstner and Georg Paula (2013) How Much Did Oil Market Developments Contribute to the 2009 Recession in Germany?, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 115(3), 695–721.
  • Kai Carstensen, Klaus Wohlrabe and Christina Ziegler (2011) Predictive Ability of Business Cycle Indicators under Test: A Case Study for the Euro Area Industrial Production, Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 231(1), 82-106.
  • Claudia Buch, Kai Carstensen and Andrea Schertler (2010) Macroeconomic Shocks and Banks' Foreign Assets, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 42(1), 171-188.
  • Simon Broda, Kai Carstensen and Marc Paolella (2009) Assessing and Improving the Performance of Nearly Efficient Unit Root Tests in Small Samples, Econometric Reviews 28(5), 1-27.
  • Kai Carstensen and Erich Gundlach (2006) The Primacy of Institutions Reconsidered: Direct Income of Malaria Prevalence, World Bank Economic Review 20(3), 309-339.
  • Kai Carstensen (2006) Stock Market Downswing and the Stability of European Monetary Union Money Demand, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 25(4), 395-402.
  • Kai Carstensen and Farid Toubal (2004) Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern European Countries: A Dynamic Panel Analysis, Journal of Comparative Economics 32, 3-22.

Working Papers

  • Kai Carstensen, Markus Heinrich, Magnus Reif and Maik H. Wolters (2017) Predicting Ordinary and Severe Recessions with a Three-State Markov-Switching Dynamic Factor Model. An Application to the German Business Cycle, CESifo Working Paper No. 6457. Working paper version.

Work in progress

  • Rüdiger Bachmann, Kai Carstensen, Stefan Lautenbacher, Martin Schneider, Uncertainty and Change: Survey Evidence of Firms' Subjective Beliefs, current version: Link
  • Kai Carstensen and Thies Rossian, The TFP cycle in the euro area member countries.