The course introduces to a core set of methods used in econometrics. The aim of these methods is to uncover empirical relationships between economic variables.

The course is closely based on the following textbook:

James H. Stock and Mark M. Watson (2012) Introduction to Econometrics, 3rd Edition, International Edition, Pearson.

On the Student Resources Website accompanying the textbook, students get access to datasets and replication files for replicating the empirical results, to solutions to to end-of-chapter exercises.

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1.   Statistical prerequisites

2.   Linear regressions with one regressor

3.   Linear regressions with multiple regressors

4.   Nonlinear regression

5.   Assessing studies based on multiple regressions

6.   Regressions with panel data (if time allows)

7.   Instrumental variables regression (if time allows)