Labor Econometrics

All necessary informations are provided via UnivIS and OLAT. The informations on this website are out of date and will be updated when the regular teaching continues.

I. Syllabus:

This course will focus on the microeconometric aspects of labor markets. It is well-suited as a complement to Dennis Snower's course 'Labor Economics' concentrating on the macroeconomic aspects of labor markets. The techniques will be applied to data from the German Socioeconomic Panel (GSOEP). Software: Stata.

  • Labor supply:
      1. Labor force participation
            - Logit and probit models
      2. Hours of work
            - Tobit Models
      3. Wages
            - Panel data
      4. Satisfaction
            - Ordered probit models
  • Labor demand:
      5. Labor demand
            - Frontier models
  • Coordinating demand and supply:
      6. Search processes
            - Multinomial logit models
        7. Migration
            - Count data
        8. Unemployment
            - Duration models
            - Evaluation methods
        9. Discrimination
            - Sample selection models
  • Exercises:
      10. Exercises


II. Prerequisites:

  • Econometrics (necessary)
  • Methods for cross-section and panel data (helpful, not necessary)


III. Lecture:


IV. Downloads:


V. Exam:

  • LP: 5
  • oral exam


VI. Tutorial:

Access to the computer lab requires one-time registration with a Stu-Account

VII. Literature: