I. Syllabus:

The lecture introduces into important econometric methods used typically for microeconometric questions using cross-sectional data.

  • Instrumental variables and weak instruments
  • Binary Choice Models
  • Multinomial and Ordered Response Models
  • Tobit and Selection Models
  • Duration and Count Data Models
  • Quantile Regressions


II. Prerequisites:


III. Exam:

IV. Downloads:


V. Literature:

  • Main textbook: A.C. Cameron and P.K. Trivedi (2005), Microeconometrics: Methods and Applications. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Also recommended: Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (2010), Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data. MIT Press.


All necessary informations are provided via UnivIS and OLAT. The informations on this website are out of date and will be updated when the regular teaching continues.

VI. Lecture:

VII. Tutorial:

VIII. PC-Tutorial (voluntary):