Courses of the Module "Applied Empirical Methods"

Please be advised that not every lecture is held annually. Further information can be found here (top right: Outlook).

Course title Instructor Winter Summer
Advanced Topics in Applied Empirical Methods: "Causality in Cross Sections" Jensen / Fuentes X  
Advanced Topics in Applied Empirical Methods: "Strategies for causal inference" Dr. Martin Ademmer   X
Applied Business Cycle Analysis and Forecasting Boysen-Hogrefe / Carstensen   X
Applied Time Series Analysis Haas (QBER)   X
Data Mining Demetrescu   X
Econometrics for Financial Market Data Haas (QBER)   X
Estimating Causal Effects in Economics Braun (IFW) 14/15  
Forecasting Methods Boysen-Hogrefe (IfW) 13/14  
Labor Econometrics Jensen X  
Macroeconometrics Carstensen X1 X1
Microeconometrics Carstensen / Jensen   X
Multivariate Methods Jensen   X
Multivariate Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Carstensen X1 X1
Panel Econometrics Carstensen / Demetrescu   X
Portfolio Analysis Haas (QBER) X  
Predictive regressions with nonstationary regressors Demetrescu   X
Spatial Econometrics Niebuhr (IAB)  


Statistical computing Demetrescu  


Statistics of Financial Markets Haas (QBER) X  
Univariate Time Series Analysis Demetrescu X  

1) The semester alternates from year to year. The current plan for the next semesters can be found here.