Seminar on Statistics and Econometrics

summer term 2019

This provides a forum for state-of-the-art research in empirical economics and econometric/statistical methodology. Its purpose is to disseminate and discuss the results of ongoing research. Guests are welcome to participate. To sign up for the mailing list, please contact Prof. Dr. Uwe Jensen.

Room Time
WSP7-R.414 Thursdays, 16:00-17:30


Date Speaker Title

Andreas Lagemann

The effect of milieu affiliation on employment

Malte Jahn

Artificial neural network regression models: Predicting GDP growth

Carsten Jentsch

(TU Dortmund)
Asymptotic theory and bootstrap inference for weak VARs and weak proxy SVARs

Lars Other

(Uni Jena)
Disentangling the Information and Forward Guidance Effect of Monetary Policy Announcements

Annette Möller

(TU Clausthal)
Vine copula based postprocessing of ensemble forecasts for temperature

Erdal Yalcin

(Konstanz University of Applied Sciences)
On the Effects of Sanctions on Trade and Welfare: New Evidence Based on Structural Gravity and a New Database

Joana P. Bernardes

(CAU Kiel)
Single-cell RNASeq methodology: Disentangling inflammatory diseases

Oliver Nakoinz

(CAU Kiel)
Quantitative Archeology
23.01.2020 -- --

Michael Massmann

(WHU Vallendar)
OLS asymptotics in regression models with decreasing gain adaptive learning