Courses of the Module "Applied Empirical Methods"

Please be advised that not every lecture is held annually. For further information please see UniVis.

Course title Instructor Winter Summer
Advanced Topics in Applied Empirical Methods: "Causality in Cross Sections" Jensen / Fuentes 18/19  
Advanced Topics in Applied Empirical Methods: "Strategies for causal inference" Dr. Martin Ademmer   X
Applied Business Cycle Analysis and Forecasting Boysen-Hogrefe / Carstensen   X
Applied Time Series Analysis Haas (QBER)   X
Data Mining Demetrescu   X
Econometrics for Financial Market Data Haas (QBER)   X
Labor Econometrics Jensen 19/20  
Macroeconometrics Carstensen X1 X1
Microeconometrics Carstensen / Jensen   X
Multivariate Methods Jensen   X
Multivariate Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Carstensen X1 X1
Panel Econometrics Carstensen / Demetrescu   X
Portfolio Analysis Haas (QBER) X  
Predictive regressions with nonstationary regressors Demetrescu   X
Spatial Econometrics Niebuhr (IAB)  


Statistical computing Demetrescu  


Statistics of Financial Markets Haas (QBER) X  
Univariate Time Series Analysis Demetrescu X  

1) The semester alternates from year to year. The current plan for the next semesters can be found here.