Forecasting Methods

I. Syllabus:

This course will focus on the microeconometric aspects of labor markets. It is well-suited as a complement to Dennis Snower's course 'Labor Economics' concentrating on the macroeconomic aspects of labor markets. The techniques will be applied to data from the German Socioeconomic Panel (GSOEP). Software: Stata.

  • Labor supply:
      1. Labor force participation
            - Logit and probit models
      2. Hours of work
            - Tobit Models
      3. Wages
            - Panel data
      4. Satisfaction
            - Ordered probit models
  • Labor demand:
      5. Labor demand
            - Frontier models
  • Coordinating demand and supply:
      6. Search processes
            - Multinomial logit models
        7. Migration
            - Count data
        8. Unemployment
            - Duration models
            - Evaluation methods
        9. Discrimination
            - Sample selection models
  • Exercises:
      10. Exercises


II. Prerequisites:

  • Econometrics (necessary)
  • Methods for cross-section and panel data (helpful, not necessary)


III. Exam: