Econometrics I - Professor Dr. Kai Carstensen

Deckblatt Econ I


I. Course description:

The lecture covers important estimation and inference techniques for cross-sectional data and introduces into the use of the econometric software packages Gretl and Stata.


II. Prerequisities:

The course assumes knowledge of the topics taught in the statistics and mathematics courses of the Bachelor program.


II. Method of Assessment:

Written exam.

Credit Points: 5


III. Outline:

1. Linear Models:

     1.1  The Single-Equation Model and OLS Estimation

     1.2  Instrumental Variables Estimation of Single-Equation Models

     1.3  Additional Single-Equation Topics

     1.4  The SUR model

     1.5  The Simultaneous Equations Model

  2. Nonlinear Models:

     2.1  M-Estimation

     2.2  Maximum Likelihood Estimation

     2.3  Generalized Method of Moments Estimation



IV. Literature:

  • Textbook: Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (2010), Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data. MIT Press.